Top Take Aways from @BrianSolis Keynote (Summary)

By sethmsparks


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1) People Don’t Look at Ads on Web-Pages (Eye Movement Visualization Heat Map)

When Brian presented this slide I saw a lot of note and picture taking. Evidently a hot bit of info. It’s actually something that he had used in an August 1, 2011 blog post titled “Report: The Rise of Social Advertising“. It’s a nifty visualization that depicts eye movement across a web-page, and how it rarely (if at all) lands over in the banner/ad area. Yikes, right?

2) “In an era of Digital Darwinism, no business is too big to fail or too small to succeed.”

Brian defines Digital Darwinism as “the evolution of consumer behavior when society & technology evolve faster than your ability to adapt”.  Basically, consumers are adapting to new technology faster than ever before, and big businesses that are too rigid and slow won’t be able to keep up.

3) The Connected Consumer

Brian has been talking about his theory for Generation C, or “The Connected Generation” for a while now. This group is comprised of individuals from nearly all other Western defined generations like Gen-Me, Gen-X, Gen-Y and even the Baby Boomers. Connected Consumers are always “on”, and sometimes similarly coined the “Always On Generation” by other researchers. This hyper-connectedness is the result of mass social and mobile technology adoption, as well as a learned or an innate technological affluence.

4) Consumer Purchase Cycle

Work in progress. Check back soon.

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