Are Scheduled Posts Too Insincere

By sethmsparks

I just listened to a relationship expert on the Today Show talking about the most common complaint of of his women patients: that their men don’t text enough.

His solution for men facing the relationship issue, was to utilize a service that would let you plug in all your texts (to said woman) in the morning and it would automate the sending of the messages at the time of your choosing. Immediately I thought to myself, how disingenuous is a scheduled text telling your partner you love them. It’s so fake and emotionless.

Then, as always my mind turned down a similar path. What about businesses that schedule their messages. If you are a business, are the messages you’re sending so bland that just throwing them out there at random times is good enough? Or are even your scheduled posts filled with enough genuine emotion that it will still resonate with your audience even if its scheduled weeks in advance?

Relationships are the fundamental goal of social marketing, but audiences are getting better and better at distinguishing dishonesty, and drawing closer to companies that are credible, and genuine in each and every message. If you’re scheduling all of your “I love you” messages, you’re likely not exhibiting a brand that will draw in long-lasting customers.