Top Take Aways from @BrianSolis Keynote – #1

By sethmsparks

1) People Don’t Look at Ads on Web-Pages (Eye Movement Visualization Heat Map)

When Brian presented this slide I saw a lot of note and picture taking. Evidently a hot bit of info. It’s actually something that he had used in an August 1, 2011 blog post titled “Report: The Rise of Social Advertising“. It’s a nifty visualization that depicts eye movement across a web-page, and how it rarely (if at all) lands over in the banner/ad area. Yikes, right?

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Brian does credit Jacob Neilson with the visualization in his blog, and if you follow the bread crumbs you end up reading about F-Shaped Reading Patterns of online viewers. The F-Shaped Pattern premise basically says that as a reader moves down a page, they read less of each paragraph/sentence along the way. Your job? Use your money maker copy in the first sentence of the first couple paragraphs, or they likely won’t be read.

 Read more about Jacob Neilson’s F-Shaped Pattern here:
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