Hubspot Just Wowed Me

By sethmsparks

Yesterday I’d commented on Twitter how I’d like to see how Hubspots software actually worked in the real world. I’ve been impressed with the white papers, and the big brains of social media and inbound marketing have given them a fair amount praise, so I think the product is legitimate.

This morning I had an atypical email from Hubspot inviting me to demo the software. While that’s not the real life example I am hoping to see, it was a good catch on their end to tie my tweet to a less generic solicitation.

What dazzled me, was the page I landed on following the link to the demo page.


See that? The bar across the top highlighting the iOS app? The site was responsive enough to notice I was on an iOS device, and it threw up that “ad”, which is so beautifully designed it may as well be from Apple. The close “x” even slides the add back up and off the screen. It’s so simple, yet brilliant.

I don’t know the complexity to implement or if it does the same for Android, but I would expect to see this a whole lot more as businesses start realizing that mobile has already tipped and that they need to start maximizing every touch through responsive and dynamic experiences.