3 Tips For Entering Courses on LinkedIn

By sethmsparks

I spent some time this morning finishing up my course entries into LinkedIn, and encountered a couple annoying issues, so I thought I’d share them and how to prepare for / work through them,

Issue 1 – The “pretty editor”
This is the blue entry form that displays above your profile after you get the “Add your courses” pop-up. There are a couple things that bug with me with this. First, if you encounter an error, say goodbye to everything you’ve entered. You’ll get a non-specific error message, and will not return to the form.
Tip 1: Use the less pretty editor by going to the courses section and selecting edit from there.

Issue 2 – Course limit error
You can list a max of 50 courses for all of your education. If you’re like me and have a hefty undergrad course list, it may be worth leaving off “Intro to the Internet” to save room for more impressive courses.
Tip 2: Leave off lame intro courses if you think you’ll run into this.

Issue 3 – Duplicate course error
If you have two entries that have the same course name, regardless of course number or school, you’ll get an error. If you took Strategic Management in both undergrad and grad school, be prepared to see the error and adjust.
Tip 3: Abbreviate as necessary, or use parenthesis with a note to provide additional detail to the course.

It’s not much, but knowing about these before I tackled the project would have saved me about 15 minutes of annoying little errors.

Have any other LinkedIn tips? Leave ’em in the comments.