2017 Personal Balanced Scorecard

By sethmsparks

# Mind / Professional

  • Read 1 book p/month (track at Goodreads.com)
  • Dedicate 30 minutes p/night to reading
  • January: What Is Not Yours is Not Yours
  • Write 1 long-form blog post per month (sethmsparks.com)
  • Dedicate 60 min p/week to research, draft, and/or proof.
  • Vlog 1x per month (YouTube.com/vlogwithseth)
  • Dedicate 60 min p/week to research, draft, and/or proof.
  • *Continue*:
  1. Reading Scott Monty and Chris Penn weekly newsletter
  2. Reading “gold marketing” RSS feed daily
  3. Reading DSM Register/Wash Post/Fox News/etc daily

# Body / Health (Track at twitter.com/healthyseth)

  • Lose 5 pounds per month (tracked at loseit.com)
  • Q1: Follow daily-do’s –Q2/3/4: Changes TBD based on success
  • Do not eat out for lunch
  • Maintain strict portion control at dinner when hungriest
  • Walk a 10 minute mile
  • Walk 30 minutes 3x p/week, address speed and difficulty and progress
  • Establish benchmark end of Q1
  • Sleep 8.5 hours p/night
  • *Continue* spine health regiment, focusing on pain management and flexibility
  1. 15 min routine each morning; simple back stretches, side-walks, hamstring stretches
  2. 30 min routine each night; advanced back stretches, squats, clamshells, & 10 min of icing

# Spirit / Religion

  • Prayer each morning and night
  • Meditate 10 minutes p/day
  • Reflect on weekly church message for 10 min 3x p/week
  • Read a spectate book concurrently on the topic of religion and spirituality for 30 min p/week
  • Contribute time for volunteer work monthly
  • Begin screenplay big board and draft
  • *Continue paying attention and being grateful for the little things

# Financial

  • *Credit*:
  1. Reduce credit to revolving monthly $0 balance
  2. Snowball excess payments in order until paid off
  • *Belongings*:
  1. Reduce volume of owned goods via sell/trade, replace with digital versions when applicable
  2. Collect unused items and donate monthly
  3. Observe 1 day p/$10 rule to assess transactions before buying