How I Podcast

By sethmsparks

Monday (AM Commute):

Six Pixels of Separation – Mitch Joel 
I’ve listened to every episode for nearly a year and a half now, and have gone back through to listen to many older ones. Mitch is a brilliant guy, and has a fantastic ability to connect elements in the digital and marketing environments that most miss.

Wednesday (PM Commute):

WorkTalkShow – DJ Waldow and Nick Westergaard
DJ and Nick, while being marketing mavens in their own right, took a different stab at podcast themes and tackle how people get work done today by working from home, workshifting. They spend time on productivity methods and tools the “pros” use, as well as theories and tips on being productive… it’s great.

Friday (PM Commute):

The Alton Brown Cast – Alton Brown
I love food. I love science. I love strategic entertainment. And thus, I love Alton Brown.

Filling the Gaps (Other commutes, desk, or free time): 

Social Pros Podcast (Jay Baer and Jeff Rohrs cover everything involved in social media with guests who work in SM roles)- Social Media Marketing (Michael Stelzner covers strategic and tactical approaches to SMM.)

Marketing Smarts (MarketingProfs hosted cast go in-depth with a variety of guests each week to talk all things marketing.)

The Marketing Companion (Mark Schaeffer and Tom Webster… Warning: Tom reading spam emails could make you pee yourself.)

This Week in Tech (This cast saves me from having to read as many tech news blogs each week.)

Seth Godin’s Start-Up School (Worth revisiting from time to time just because the guy is brilliant.)

Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show (Kevin Pollak has been doing the show forever, so only the most recent episodes are on the podcast feed. Check out his site for all of the older episodes. You’ll find he’s had a pretty legit guest list. Each show is usually a couple hours of deep discussion with whoever is on. Watch out for the T5s though… It’ll get stuck in your head.)

Kevin Smith’s Film School Friday (Listen to Smith lay down passion and tips to tomorrow’s film makers. its a small set of shows sponsored by Avid, but still a good listen if you want to get fired up about doing your own thing, and treating your work as art. There are two seasons: 2012 and 2013.)