One of Those Days

By sethmsparks

I’m not a big complainer, but sometimes there are just those days when everything goes the wrong way. My day today?

1) Wife got rear-ended in a hit and run on the way to work. That means phone calls, $500 out of our pocket for an insurance deductible, scheduling a service and figuring our alternate transportation. Unnecessary headache.

2) I had to miss a presentation of something I’d spent a long time working on. At work, at the exact moment I was supposed to get on the phone with my departmental leadership, our building had a fire drill. No warning like usual… No alternatives but to evacuate the building. My work, my project that I’ve spent some passionate time wrangling, was presented (capably and successfully) by my boss. I’m glad it went well, but it was a total bummer to miss that opportunity.

3) An item I’d sold on eBay was complained about by the buyer, and now it’s on its way back to me. I’ll have to issue a full refund to the dofus because they didn’t bother to look at the picture of the item and complained the iPad has a scratch. Of course it has a scratch… It’s a second gen that’s three years old.

Those three headaches, two of which require more work on me now and time on my calendar to resolve are beyond frustrating and why I’ll dub today “My worst day of the year (so far)”.

On the plus side, I took the family to the pumpkin patch and picked out some beauties. We also brought home some cider, donuts, and a pumpkin cake roll (think swiss cake roll).

Oh, and on a late night run to pick up ink for my wife to print tests for her students, I stopped into the TJ Maxx and found an awesome shirt on clearance for my boy.

Even my worst day of the year (so far) has some silver lining. They always do, if you pay attention.