Did I Just Get Social Media “Script Raped”?

By sethmsparks

I spent some time chatting with my ISP yesterday about their services. I had a fairly simple question about available packages, and how I could increase my monthly data allowance (which I didn’t know existed until last weekend – more on that later). Evidently their rules, and the systems and social media policies that are dependent upon those rules, aren’t built to handle questions that challenge protocol. I honestly felt like the mouse at the end of the cats paw, being toyed with and tossed around. I just wanted an answer as to why I couldn’t subscribe to a more expensive package for a bigger data allowance, even though the speeds in my area aren’t the speeds that they tout alongside the higher allowance packages. The speed available to me shouldn’t limit the amount of data I’m allowed to use without paying a penalty.

Tell me what you think. Did I get “script raped”? Was the person at the other end of the conversation basking in the enjoyment of driving me insane, only to top it off with an insincere “Have a great day!”? Felt like salt in a wound.