My 2013 Personal Balanced Scorecard

By sethmsparks

When a business wants to be realistic about itself, and measure its performance across multiple facets beyond a single metric like profit, they typically introduce one of the many varieties of a balanced scorecard. I’ve been through the annual balanced scorecard development process a couple times, and have grown accustomed to its versatility.

As I reviewed my 2012 performance in a number of areas, and myself in general, I started noticing things from a variety of categories that I wanted to improve on in 2013. As I started listing them out, they tended to fall into one of a few buckets; finances, health; sustainability/environmental impact, and career. I’m not going to get deep into my choices at this point, but I wanted to share my first clean draft and get others thoughts.

Does this feel like a rounded approach?

Are the choices mutually exclusive enough to be effective without having to hurt one to help another?

Are the goals achievable? Too achievable?

2013 Personal Balanced Scorecard - Seth Sparks