6 Things I Want Tweeted NOW

By sethmsparks

Twitter is awesome.  There’s no denying it.  There are haters for sure, but daily Tweets have become as much a part of my lifestyle as clean underwear. (Which is a necessity.)

Over the last few months, I’ve thought about local places not using Twitter that I would love to see. Here are the places and things, and uses I will cross my fingers in hopes of implementation very soon.

6.  The local video store – That new movie has been out for 2 weeks, but there’s never a copy in when I stop by. Tweet me when popular new titles are returned and in stock.

5.  My daughters daycare – The little slip of paper each night isn’t enough. I want a new post every time she eats, poops, sleeps, or does something funny.  I think I would feel closer and even more trusting of the place if I had a “window” into her day through Twitter.

4. Local golf courses – I’m not a great golfer, and I don’t really want to be out there with a ton of people.  It’s a health risk for them, and an ego risk for me. Tell me when it’s not busy, so I can come play peacefully.

3. My car – I want my car to tell me things I may not know already. Things like – “Feels like your speeding”, “Tires on the left feel low”, “Did you notice your down to less than 1/4 tank of gas”, “HEY, TIME FOR AN OIL CHANGE”.

2. My house – Same concept as the car, tell me things like “Your shower this morning was 12 minutes, did you fall asleep in there?”, “Airflow for the heater seems slowed, does the filter need changed?”, “Stove’s been running for an hour and half, you makin’ a turkey?”.

1. My Body – In the rush of our daily lives, we often ignore the signs our body’s are giving us, so why not let them notify us via an @ reply. Things like, “Heart rate hasn’t been up for a couple days, how about a run?”, “Temperature has been up for 24 hours, feeling alright?”, and “Gonna need to poop in an hour, be ready.”

I guess the meat of what I am saying, is that I want Twitter to continue to get closer to me. As much as I love all of the great links to news stories, tutorials, videos, and everything else, bringing Twitter closer to home is where I can really start reaping the benefits. My requests aren’t alone, and most of them have technological limitations currently, but the idea stands.

What in your life would like like to have posting to Twitter NOW rather than later? Punch it in the comments below.