Dirty Business Practice 1

By sethmsparks

Dirty Business Practice 1, originally uploaded by sethmsparks.

For the last two winters, the Ankeny video and game rental company Hollywood Video has done something that bugged me. I’ve done nothing more than lived with it, until now. Never thinking about how Hollywood Video’s actions might impact certain individuals, I was seeing only the side of the employees at the shop.

So what’s the offense? Well, if you haven’t done so, check the pic. It just so conveniently happens that each winter, the outdoor return box becomes “broken”, so returns must be made in the store. It disturbs me how selfish the store associates are being by boarding up the drive up return bin.

Drive thru fast food, gas pump credit card machines, and many other conveniences were instituted for someone with a child/infant in the car. I’m not concerned if Hollywood Video has lost business, this is purely a moral complaint. And for the mom or dad, that’s had to unwillingly pack their kid out in the cold to toss a movie into the bin, because of the laziness of the store, I hope for vengeance in your favor.