I Had Her Twice in Two Nights

By sethmsparks

I think I fell in love on North High Street here in Columbus.  She and I met Tuesday night, and as cute as she was, I really went nuts for the way she tasted.

At 714 N. High Street, there’s a small ice cream shop called Jeni’s Ice Creams.  And it’s her, the shop, that I haven’t been able to quit thinking about.  While it looks like your normal ice creamery, the flavors are anything but.

Here are some of the flavors I tasted while trying to make a decision, all of which were great.

Lime Cardamom (Tart and limey, would have had mid-day to cool down)
Cherry Lambic Sorbet (Has a hearty cherry flavor with a little bit of an alcohol bite)
Pistachio and Honey (Tastes just like a pistachio with a sqeeze of honey, very good)
Strawberry Buttermilk (The creamiest strawberry flavor I’ve ever had)
Honey Vanilla Bean (The honey is a little bit hidden behind the vanilla, which has a mild flavor)

There were a ton of other inventive flavors that I didn’t have time to try out, but I will definately be giving more of them a shot each time I make it back here to Columbus.  I love the way the shop atmosphere is inviting, and not too polished. Clean without the ritsy if you will. And another nice part about indulging in these creams and gellatos, is that the walk up and down N. High Street takes a little bit of the guilt out of the snack

I definitely have to recommend this place to anyone that is here in Columbus, or near another one of their locations. Don’t be scared to reach out and try some of the not-so-normal flavors.  I promise you’ll love at least one flavor you didn’t think you would.

And if you’re reading this, and have a different flavor you love, let everyone else know what and why. Not everyone will take my word for it.