WWE Universe

By sethmsparks

On June 9th, I posted my thoughts on a stunt that WWE chairman Vince McMahon pulled on Monday Night Raw.  On the show, Vince was giving out his own money to fans who entered the contest on-line, were able to answer their phone when called, and were able to give Vince the secret password.  The first secret password was “WWE Universe”.

I hadn’t ever heard of WWE Universe before, and as a self admitted WWE super-fan, I was perplexed.  After contemplating the situation, could only assume that WWE Universe was something new, exciting, hype-able.  After I blogged my thoughts, I sat and waited… and waited… and nothing came. No news, no press release the next day, week…

And finally, at long last a post came, requesting fans to vote on a new WWE Universe logo.  Word was, this new, catchier brand would be taking the place of the WWE Fan Nation.  Awesome right?! Yah, I wasn’t so sure either.

My problem with the situation, is that the WWE waited too long to release the logo and new brand.  After that night, I would think that the WWE fans were primed and ready for the new annoucement.  It seems a bit arrogant that the WWE marketing team would think that the mere repetitive mention of “WWE Universe”, over a two hour span, would bury the concept deep enough with fans long-term memory to release the concept 2 months later.

Am I wrong?  Do you think this will actually work as they had hoped, or do you think something was possibly botched going through legal, IP, or somewhere else?