How I Knew It Was Time

By sethmsparks

So you might have seen some of my status messages on various sites this weekend, proclaiming my recent purchase of a Playstation 3 system, and wondered, but why Seth?

I decided as a tribute to my final decision, I would post my decision reasons. And as I pondered my reasons for making the purchase, I started to realize that while I wasn’t an early adopter on this one, I think that I am still one of the first of the late majority. That being the case, I have a good reason to think that the PS3 is 6 months or so from becoming a mainstay gaming system in lots more peoples homes.

But without further delay, here are my top 3 reasons for getting a PS3:

3. I’ve always been a Playstation and Nintendo person. I didn’t go Dreamcast, and never turned Xbox. To be frank, I have always had a hard time getting used to the controller structure of Xbox, and know the Xbox system components have never been as capable as the Playstation systems.

2. The high-def format war ended up going the way of the Blu-Ray disc. And because I plan on getting a high-def TV in the near future, I needed something to play amazing quality movies with. On top of that, the multi-media functions and Playstation Store options make the PS3 as much of a Media Center PC as anything out there.

1. Sony just re-released the 80 PS3 model as a bundle with the final edition of the best game series of all time, Metal Gear Solid. The 80 Gb model is backwards compatible and will play all of the old Playstation games I hold dear, and has enough extra hard-drive room to store all the 1080p movie trailers I can get my grubby hands on. At a retail price of $499.99, and Wal-Marts $100 back gift card, the purhcase total nets a more respectable $399.99. Not a drop in the bucket I know, but I have spent a lot of time saving, and thinking through the purchase. I was ready.

So if anyone out there is thinking about taking the plunge into a new, high-end gaming system, I hope my ration proves useful in your decision. And if you’re not quire ready to drop that much green, there’s always the world’s best selling system, the Nintendo Wii.