I Wish I Had a Picture of That

By sethmsparks

The other day I got to thinking about some times in high school that I wish I had pictures of. As I tried to recall more, I realized that some of these were classic moments not only fun for me to remember, but the whole school.

Since no one had camera phones all the way back in 2001, most of these events went undocumented. In tribute of these forgotten times, I’ve compiled my:

Top Ten High School Moments I wish I Had a Picture Of:

10. Levi Tarbell putting Sarah Knapp out with the sleeper hold in Home Economics.

9. TJ Dargin’s giant turd causing mass hysteria and somehow managing to spread word throughout the school without even a break between classes.

8. The Student Council booth, where students signed the petition to pass the charter that made it so that once you got elected into student council, you would stay there.

7. Mr. Miller freaking out on Josh Clark after he rear-ended my car (like every other morning) in the elite parking line. I believe the conversation went like this, Mr. Miller – “What are you doing?!?” … Josh Clark, “What are youuuu doing?”.

6. When Clint Woodward’s slip of tongue got him in trouble for telling someone she would have to “Shit on the floor”. (Back then a swear during class actually got you in trouble.)

5. I’m pretty sure Keith Grosvenor farted on a Brain Bowl judge once… and if not that, Jesse Bronson doing the super slide at every Brain Bowl event in 2000.

4. Shawn McDanel falling on his face while running onto the football field for the homecoming game. Poor guy.

3. I’d like to have a chart that depicts where I actually spent my time Senior year. I would guess this would be the approx. breakdown: In Class – 55%, Student Council Activities – 15%, Travel – 15%, Computer Tech Room – 10%, Sick – 5%.

(UPDATE) I actually put this together after I finished writing. See it and descriptions HERE.

2. The dance when I hyper-extended my knee the night before the ACTs.

1. The time I hit my one and only high school home-run at a JV Game in Corydon.